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**First Day** Dear Zindagi Box Office Collection Friday Business Earnings

Dear zindagi has already released in usa 1 day before in india on USA holiday festival thanksgiving day and with 127 screens in usa, dear zingadi 1st day business is 1.20 Crs from usa and 8.30 lakhs from canada which means dear zindagi first day total overseas collection is 1.30 Crs. The production house has played a smart game they made this film with low budget of cost 23 Crs and released dear zindagi on only 1100 screens in india mostly targeted the multiplexes as dear zindagi film is based on life of a person means not much action or glamour.

According to the news from dear zindagi production house, the film dear zindagi has already made 50 Crs by selling there music rights and from advertisers means dear zindagi has already got his production money which was only 22 crs + did 28 Crs profit before the movie release.



Dear Zindagi (1st) First Day Collection, Friday Business Earnings

Bollywood movie dear zindagi featuring Alia Bhatt and Shahrukh Khan has been released on only 1100 screens which is very low comparatively any salman khan’s movie. The box office collection of dear zindagi will still be very profitable movie because of low production cost and less expanses on advertisement. The targeted audience of dear zindagi movie is a urban public and the coming responses of movie also coming very good. The friday occupancy of dear zindagi is also showing very good rate of more then 50%. Still with 1100 screens movie will only manages to do a dear zindagi first day business of around 8 to 10 Crs only.

1st Day total domestic collection/earnings of dear zindagi or we can say dear zindagi friday box office collection/ business will be end up with a figure of 8 to 10 Crs on his first day in india.

Dear Zindagi Total Worldwide Box Office Collection Till Now

Dear zindagi has also been released in USA with 127 screens, in Canada with 16 screens and in Australia with 26 screens and the box office collections from this countries are showing a positive note on box office collection of dear zindagi. The total worldwide collection of dear zindagi is 15 Crs after the end of friday which includes the collections from india, usa and canada. The movie review of dear zindagi is just outstanding and fabulous. Also big movie rating site IMDB has giving a rating of 9.6 out of 10 to the movie dear zindagi. Dear zindagi movie story is super hit and it is expected that the box office collection of dear zindagi will rise day by day and will be setting a good total lifetime box office collection. For more update on dear zindagi box office collection with every day wise report and total business information, stay tune with us.


  1. Thnx for sharing so valuable and detailed information.
    Dearzindgi superb movie.
    Full credit to kaira and Jehangir khan for superb acting.
    ***/5 for Alia bhatt
    **/5 for shahrukh khan
    From my side.

  2. Thnx for sharing the information
    Full credit to kaira and Jehangir khan.
    ****/5 for Alia
    ***/5 for shahrukh
    From my side

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