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Day-Wise Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection Till 18 Day, Total Worldwide Business

Bahubali 2 Telugu movie got the record breaking worldwide collection especially in North USA, Canada, Australia and Gulf Countries. From just USA, Movie Bahubali 2 (Baahubali 2nd part) total collection on his 18th day is over ₹ $ 17.83 Million which is almost about ₹ 115 INR Crore. Total 18th day collection of telugu movie bahubali 2 is more than Aamir Khan’s bollywood movie PK and the Shahrukh Khan’s HNY till now 18th day. Bahubali 2 has made a record of fastest ₹ 1000 Cr Movie in just 9 days in India. The worldwide business of bahubali 2 is going superb and will help the movie to increase his overall total business (Domestic+ overseas collections) to the great height of Golden ₹ 1500 Crs Money Film.

baahubali 2 box office collection

baahubali 2 box office collection

Baahubali 2 Total Overseas Collection Till 18 Day (including all version)

  • USA: ₹ 102 crore net (₹ 115 crs gross)
  • UAE: ₹ 28.34 crore net (₹ 34 crs gross)
  • New Zealand: ₹ 9.22 crore net ( ₹ 11.75 crs gross)
  • Australia: ₹ 10.48 crore net (₹ 13.95 crs gross)
  • United Kingdom: ₹ 7.64 crore (₹ 10.89 crs gross)
  • Europe: ₹ 3.57 crore (₹ 4.33 crs gross)
  • Nepal: ₹ 8.51 crore (₹ 9.68 crs gross)
  • Canada: ₹ 5.68 crore (₹ 7.23  crs gross)
  • Malaysia: ₹ 3.49 crore (₹ 4.95 crs gross)
  • Singapore: ₹ 5.55 crore (₹ 6.36 crs gross)
  • Total Overseas Collection of Baahubali 2 till Date: ₹ 220 crore ( ₹ 250 crs gross)

Bahubali 2 18th Box Office Collection (Hindi+Telugu+Tamil+Malayalam) All India Collection

Baahubali 2 is a telugu film which is made in 2 parts and the whole budget of the movie is more then ₹ 285 crores, the first part of the movie is released in 2015 and now the 2nd part of baahubali is released recently which had a super duper opening weeks at the box office with around total income in 18 days in india is  915 Crs net and ₹ 1160 Crs gross (all version) where Hindi version grossed ₹ 610.11 Crs and all other version grossed ₹ 550 Crs. Over 6500 screen the movie is released in india (its highest till now) and 9000 all over the world. Baahubali 2 is a film who recorded the highest occupancy rate till now in Indian film industry with 96 % all over india. Baahubali 2 also made a historic record in bollywood industry too with doing a business of +40 crores in 1st week days and 15 crs on 2nd week days. The 3rd monday collection of film baahubali 2 which is its 18th day (15 may) business is ₹ 9.26 Crs INR (Hindi version) and ₹ 8.59 Crs INR (Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam versions). So the total 18th day collection of bahubali 2 is ₹ 17.85 Crs INR.

Baahubali 2 Total Telugu Collection Till 18th Day

  • Nizam: ₹ 60.33 crs
  • Ceeded: ₹ 30.59 crs
  • East: ₹ 20.55 crs
  • Vizag: ₹ 10.89 crs
  • West: ₹ 10.32 crs
  • Nellore: ₹ 10.89 Crs
  • Guntur: ₹ 10.88 Crs
  • Krishna: ₹ 10.02 Crs

Baahubali 2 Total Hindi Collection Till 18th Day

  • Maharashtra: ₹ 120.58 crs
  • Gujarat: ₹ 80.36 crs
  • Punjab: ₹ 40.66 crs
  • Madhya Pradesh: ₹ 35.69 crs
  • Rest of India: ₹ 120.03 crs

According to our box office collection report, bahubali 2 18th day total box office collection or total 18 day income will be close to ₹ 17.55 cr (domestic) + ₹ 5 crs (overseas)= ₹ 22.55 Crs worldwide. The large amount of bahubali 2 box office collection is contributed by the hindi version which is near to ₹ 9.26 crs.

Baahubali 2 Total Box Office Collection Worldwide Business Income

As the movie review came superb and people love the movie even more then bahubali part 1, also big review sites like IMBD also have a given a superb rating of around 9.5/10 and by seeing the response of movie from the mouth of public and the reviews given by the critics, we can easily predict that movie will run long on the box office collection and we are going to see many non-breakable records to be made by bahubali. Baahubali 2 movie from the first day already started to make new box office records and still on 18th day making new records every day also became the best visual masterpiece movie of India till now.

Many people wants to know the total lifetime collection of bahubali 2? So here we are giving the answer in simple words. Movie is very entertaining, full of action, craze to watch bahubali 2 is in every Indian people, epic action fight scenes through out the movie. This whole month will be owned by film bahubali 2 in terms of box office and we can expect that the (30 days) 1 month, movie can do a business of ₹ +1500 Crores.

Baahubali 2 Total Worldwide Collection (Domestic + Overseas)

  • Total Business of bahubali 2 in India in 18 Days: ₹ 915 crs net (₹ 1160 crs gross)
  • Total Business of bahubali 2 in Overseas in 18 Days: ₹ 220.38 crs net (₹ 250 crs gross)
  • Overall Total Worldwide Collection: ₹ 1135 crs net ( ₹ 1410 crs gross)

The exact amount of bahubali 2 18 day collection is ₹ 17.85 Crs. So stay tune with and keep yourself up to date on baahubali 2 total worldwide box office collection business. Hope you like our post on Day-Wise Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection Till 18 Day, Total Worldwide Business. Thanks for visiting this site, share this post with your friends. We are proud of this epic movie bahubali which is made in south India. Hats Off to the S.S. Rajamouli director of movie bahubali and the great actor Prabhas. Thank You plz do comment.



    confirm cross to 1000 cr gross collection the great director and actor.


      vpcvnarayanarao yadav vijayawada – 10

      excellent movie conform to 1500cr crossed all world
      the great director rajamouli and actor prabas

    • Nirmalya Biswas

      Yes sir.You will be successful and your movie is very good both of movie music.


  3. confirm 1825 caror collection hoga anewale dinau mai.

  4. Manish vishvkarma

    What a movie rocking bole to fadu

  5. Jabarjast I hope this movie cross 2000 Cr

  6. It is the best film i have ever seen

  7. Raja mouli had great presentation skill

  8. Superb movie it will 1500cr with in 15 days besttttt movie superb prabhas and rajamouli….kekaaaa

  9. Yes bhabhubali2 Cross 2thousand cr only in india conform

  10. nagaraju vadlamudi

    damn sure 1000 cr crosser Indian film
    Proud of indian cinema
    hats off to team and the great effort for this film

  11. Amazing movie
    Yesi kqbhi nhi dekhi

  12. may ke aakhir tak 1500 CR kamai karave movie

  13. it will go unto 1800 crores. Indian cinema will be Sean like this now awards Bahubali era starts. before and after bahubali.

  14. V Mothilal Naik

    This is the one & only movie which became 1000 Cr. Gross all over the worls with in just 8Days. Proud to south Indian film industry also very proud to great nation india. Hatts off BAHUBALI TEAM

  15. superb prabhas i know your the great hero in india and thanks to ss rajamouli

  16. Jabardast movie Baahubali 2
    we proud this movie……..

  17. Bahubali 2 will be cross 1500 Cr

  18. Thombor Khardewsaw

    C’MON Bahubali …create history in Indian cinema …more money collection that’s means…this film loved by many many people…👍

  19. It’s proved that the Telugu movie makes us to lift our heads and at the same time as a nation of Indian movie, which is obsolete movie hundred times great than Hollywood movies.

  20. Thanks to the great director and my favourite hero prabhas. I have never seen this type of movie and confirmed to cross 1500 cr on world wide.plz give type of surprised movie time to time.

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  22. Best film in the prabhas bahubali2 blockbuster amazing

  23. The perfection towards end only the director knows what else the film took from him ,great job well done ,the man stood on knife is now safe

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  25. Oh Great movie of the year …parhabs ur Good Actor .

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    great experience.
    damn sure it crosses 1500 cr on whole.

    hats off ss rajamouli.

  27. mind blowing sir great effect in bahubahi 2 awesome

  28. It’s proved that the Telugu movie makes us to lift our heads and at the same time as a nation of Indian movie, which is obsolete movie hundred times great than Hollywood movies

  29. Only bahubali 3 can surpass the success of bahubali 2. 1500 crores of collection is confirm with highest number of footfalls. For others it may take up to 2020 to cross this record. A great artistic work by SSR AND Prabhas.

  30. Great work of great indian

  31. Great work of great indian

  32. Sandeep s Rajput

    thanks to ss rajamauli for such a super movie . all acted very well . specially prabhas , rana ,anushka acted very very well . best movie ever seen till date .

  33. I wonder how much of that money will go on to benefit the poor of India



    it is an excellent and unforgettable movie, puts a challenge for other Indian Directors to break the records created by BAAHUBALI

  36. Excellent movie, outstanding picturisation, what a amazing story line. Acting of all actors also mindblowing, hats off to the team Bahubali2

  37. Bahubali 2 ! I want this movie to be in 2000 cr collected movie n im sure it will b possible after the chinese n japanese versions are released ! So intense characters i cant get this out of my mind now! Jai bahubali!:)

  38. Aowsome movie and great work by prabhash. Rana dagubati.anushka and ss rajamauli sir.confermed your movie crossed total worldwild collection 1500crore.
    Best of luck/

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  40. Rajamouli sir
    now half earning (From the baahubali 2 film) charity to poor people.

  41. WILL REACH TO 1500CR…

  42. Hatsoff to the team of Bahubali 1-2 both were amazing.
    History creates by the love of Audience which had proof
    Jaiho Indian Cinema

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    Jai ho….
    Vande Matram….

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  50. Ram Baburao Shinde

    its really proud fact for India. Congratulation to all who played role in Babhubali & 2 also.

  51. Rs. 220 crores foreign earnings. Great! Bahubali 2 has become waking call for the global film industry. It is going generate a lot more interest in all future Indian films.

  52. Only one ward for SS RAJAMOULI & PRABHAS is amazing creations (Bahubali & Bahubali 2)

  53. Superb movie i have ever seen 🙂

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    Feeling very proud that Indian film Bahubali2 is being discussed all over the world,Its a great job .My good wishes are always with Bahubali 2 team,l congratulate SS Rajamouli sir & dear Prabhas


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