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Bigg Boss 10 Winner | BB 10 Winner | Winner of Bigg Boss Season 10 House

(Inside News) Winner of Bigg Boss Season 10 Name Revealed (Updated on 29 Jan)

The whole country wants to know who is the winner of bigg boss season 10 and we all just cant wait for the result name of bigg boss 10 winner. We all want our favorite contestant to wins the title of bigg boss 10 whether it a Bani or Manveer Gurjar or Lopa Mudra Raut. From the latest bigg boss 10 news of finale day from our insider source, Manu Punjabi has just walked away from the finale race by taking Rs 10 Lakhs and became the 3rd runner of biggboss 10. Now, the winner of big boss 10 is between Manveer, Bani and Lopa and yes we know the conformed result by seeing the number of votes the bigg boss 10 contestant got from whole India. Our insider source who is in editing team of bigg boss has conformed that Lopa got the lowest votes after Manu punjabi got only 6% (8,47,112) of total votes where Lopamudra Raut got 8% (10,57,653) and the remaining 86% votes of bigg boss 10 winner which is 1 crore 15 lakhs votes are gone in between Manveer and Bani.

So who got the maximum numbers of vote and who became the bigg boss 10 winner of 2017 season? To know the result of bigg boss season 10 whether Manveer won the bigg boss 10 title or Bani won the Bigg Boss Season 10 and from how many votes did they won the bb 10 season. Check Below.

[sociallocker id=218]Manveer Gurjar has Won the Bigg Boss Season 10 Title by Getting 48% (65,69,059 Votes) & Bani Judge Became The Runner Up of Bigg Boss 10 With 37% (50,80,423) Votes[/sociallocker]

Who Won BB Season 10? | Winner of Bigg Boss 10

Being locked inside the bigg boss 10 house also known as bb10 for more than 104 days with 15 contestants, in which 8 are commoners who are also known as India wale and 7 are celebrities, the time has come when we the Indians can declared Bigg Boss season 10 winner 2017.  Big boss 10 is most entertaining reality show as it has the super star, the handsome hunk Salman Khan as the host.

According to our source, we don’t have to predict anymore the bigg boss 10 winner as Bani has won the BB 10 title who is also the winner of roadies has also won the Bigg Boss season 10 2017. Also we had taken the survey in many cities where 60-75 % people are supporting Bani and 55-65% people were supporting Manveer Gujjar will be coming as runner up of bigg boss 10. According to us Bani will be winning the Bigg boss 10 but still we can’t say yet has its not officially announced yet. Anything thing can be happen in this last 2 days. The makers of Bigg boss 10 may change the winner to Manveer Gujjar to make a communist win this season and can show that a common people can also win bigg boss title. We will be conforming the bigg boss 10 winner news 1 day before the finale day means on Friday. For now, it a good news for the supporters of Bani that Bani will be winner of Bigg boss season 10. Let’s see below about price money which will be getting for bigg boss 10 winner.

Bigg Boss 10 Season Winner Prediction | BB 10 Winner Name

Bigg Boss 10 Winner PredictionWinning %
Bani80-90 %
Manveer Gurjar75-85 %
Lopamudra Raut50-60 %
Manu Punjabi40-50 %

Winner of bigg boss season 10 will be announced by Dabangg Sultan star Salman Khan on this Saturday on Colors Channel. The bigg boss winner season 10 2017 will take home the winning trophy and prize money of Rs 40 lacs + 14 Lakhs for 14 weeks= 54 Lakhs. Also if you are looking for bigg boss season 10 winner prediction then have a look below. According to the sources, the big boss season 10 winner name will be declared after the online voting’s. As we know that only a few days are reaming to declare the bigg boss 10 finalist name on the grand announcement of winner name of bigg boss 10 on BB10 finale.

Bigg Boss All Season Winner List | Winner of BB 10

Here we are updating the Bigg Boss all season winner list

bigg boss all season winner name listlist of bigg boss all season winner name
Winner of bigg boss season 1Rahul Roy
Winner of bigg boss season 2Ashutosh Kaushik
Winner of bigg boss season 3Vindu Dara Singh
Winner of bigg boss season 4Shweta Tiwari
Winner of bigg boss season 5Juhi Parmar
Winner of bigg boss season 6Urvashi Dholakia
Winner of bigg boss season 7Gauhar Khan
Winner of bigg boss season 8Gautam Gulati
Winner of bigg boss season 9Prince Narula
Winner of bigg boss season 10Bani Judge


At last we are predicting that bb10 winner name and according to the survey we have reached to the final decision that bani will win bigg boss 10, but on other hands Manveer is also came forward as the strongest competitor. So it would be extremely exciting to watch the last episode of bb season 10 to know who has won the bb10 season.

Winner of Bigg Boss 10 Finalist and Runner Up Name

Bigg Boss 10 is a 3 month long reality show which is considered as the best small screen show is coming up to an end and bigg boss 10 finale date is 28th of January, 2017 which is this coming Saturday night. Bigg boss season 10 finale is going to be a grand event as only few days are reaming for bigg boss 10 grand finale winner to be announced. The entire India including the world wants know that who will emerge as bigg boss season 10 final winner name. Bigg boss 10 conformed final contestants are Manveer Gujar, Bani, Lopa mudra, Rohan and Manu and it would be exciting to watch who will win big boss season 10 2017 . Let us know who you people think would be the expected winner of Bigg Boss 10. In a task which was aired on 23rd of January the housemates have lost again resulting in big boss 10 winner prize money reduced to 40 lacs from 43,99,206 lacs. It is reported that bigg boss 10 winner leaked and it is predicted that Bani J is going to win the show and bigg boss 10 second (2nd) winner / runner up will be manveer Gujar. Bigg boss season 10 finalists are Bani J, Manveer G, Manu P, Lopamudra R and Rohan M.


  1. Bani Bani Bani Bani Will the Winneeeeeeerrrr… 😀

    • Bani will never will the any type of realty show

    • she deserve.. she was the one who dint get support but survive,, everyone at the home targetted her.. but she fought against everyone.. she is real winner… I love to see her winning the award..

      Manveer actaully played under the shadow of manu.. Manu is much better than Manveer in this show… and at last Manveer said manu does not deserve to stay in this house was rediculous thing as its not for friendship,, it was clever move of manveer that is not digested to many people as per his image.

      Lopa Mudra is just fake kiddish negative personnality . she is here because of other supports only else she dont deserve to stay. or other words people were busy to target bani and she get safe.

      So for me Winner is Bani and the winner of hearts is Manu Punjabi as he played like a real Hero. without him manveer cant be in final.

  2. no doubt manvir is the big boss 10 winner

  3. Bani is the only real contestant in the house…
    Rest are fake….
    Seriously rohan your time has come…
    Although you are better than manu and lopa but you unfortunately you could not make it to finale…
    And manveer the way you body shame bani in that unseen video is cheap and disgusting…
    These guys could not tolerate a women breaking stereotypes….

    • She does nothing in the house,just sits idle for weeks,busy in her own works and you expect her to be the winner.she achieved nothing coming to bigg boss and the all the stardom she got was from roadies and thats the reason people love her even though she doesnt entertain.Manveer who came as a commoner,played with pure heart got more fans than bani.His talking,spontaneity,looks and his thinking were amazing.people will be happy if he wins the show #Respect#manveer gujjar

  4. B for bigg boss
    B for bani..
    haters.. move away :v

  5. At first i supported lopa coz she is good looking but after seeing her true colours and her character I started hating her day by day abs now i cant digest to look on her…. she so fake trying to be MOTHER INDIA….. she can act good in negative role…. villain….. on the other side from day 1 …. bani still the same….. being her …. the real one….. simple n bindass… love you bani….. u rock…… stay raw n shake BB1

  6. 1. This is the reality base show and we knows who is realin the house? .. Yes you right it’s Bani j. Bb gave task to HMs is worthless. Bb knows they all fake person took her name and again they showed their insecurity towards bani j.if this show is all about winning all task then why is voting system made?if you think then go watch kharon ke khilari….Winning task not make you winner of bb10 its show about winning hearts of people…in which bani j succeed .. 😇😚😚
    2. About manveer : Some of you said that bani is more aggressive from all but its wrong.if you look from day one manveer was the most aggressive person in the house but after some days he felt very aggressive so he decided to be calm and trying to be very nice to every person even salman khan warn him to not get physical. Every one blamed to munu that he throw bucket of water on bani but behind its manveer idea to do like this. First i thought munu using manveer but it’s opposite. If manveer is real dildar insaan why he didn’t talk to his father for many years and only for footage he touched his father feet.when his father said him to stay away from munu but didn’t do that.. he is very smart.he is now it’s not him real personality and playing very dirty game in the house and bb also supporting him.which some of you guys not aware.
    3. lopa thinks she is very strong and deserve to be in finale which is completely wrong.flopa still in the house because of bani thats why she target her unnecessarily.If bani feels something she says on the face not like others fake personality back betting so real person should win and i support her…. 😇😇😇😚😚
    #strongpersonality #BB10WinnerBAnij

    • Bhai tu kon c dunia se h…..kon sa show dekhta h…aur…insan h ki ghna chutiya….kaisa sa h bhai tu…..asyllum ja ilaj vgerh krwa…serious problem h tuje…..ghr ke ander reh …baher mat nikalio……pta nai kahan kahan se a jate h aise baddhe se log…..jab bani ne manveer aur monalisa ke lie bkwas kia tha…..tab tuje wo nai dikha…jab manveer par barf dal rhi thi….tab tu andha ho gya tha kya…..aisa kar bathroom m band ho ja sharm ke mare …baher mat nikalio…….

  7. He played every task well
    Lost his captaincy
    Get nominated for whole season
    But doesn’t want to save himself by doing cheap things and fighting without reason for just footage like other contestant
    He deserves to win the show
    #Manveer is also real
    He is a task master
    Mannu is not a winning material
    He everytime wants to dominate other people’s
    #Rohan and #Manveer deserves to winn

  8. Lopa deserves to win she is strong well behave and she has class not like kani loser

  9. #Banifanforever ❤️
    Vote for bani. The only real person in the house and without any doubt, she deserves to win.
    I really want to mention that Ms. FLOPA is the most irritating one and today she crossed the limits when she blamed biggboss himself. Atleast dnt blame the one who is filling your stomach and your bank account. #lopabimbo

    And Rohan, ur time is up as well. Start packing ur bags and spend time wd ur Flopa as this will def be ur last week 😂😂

  10. Whoever Wins the Bigg boss 10 i just want salman khan to host next season of bigg boss too….btw Manu Punjabi underrated. he is also played the game very well throughout the season. I hope Manu Punjabi win the bigg boss 10

  11. Manveer will be the winner of bigg boss 10

  12. show fixed and scripted for Bani J

  13. Plz manu punjabi ur are the winner of big boss 10I just want manu to win this season .

  14. We want bani j to win as bb10 winner✌🏻 SUPPORT BANI

  15. only manveer gurjar, nobody can defeat commoners, karke dekh lo, aaj aadmi ka hath nahi hatoda hota hi, jaha chala baha sab saf

  16. Bani will winner bb 10

  17. MAAANNNVVVEEERRRRR and only him….

  18. Only manveer deservs to win bb10…he is the actual winner…he will win definetly 10000%…well played manveer..proud of u..

  19. Bani Bani Bani the real winner…you stole the hearts of many Bani…you r a winner already…

  20. Bani…you are already a winner …you stole many hearts………………….

  21. BANI J ❤❤❤🤘🤘🤘✌✌✌

  22. InshaAllah Bani will be winner of bb10

  23. Manveer is the real contestant in bigg boss 10 . Only he deserves to win it

  24. Bani winner hui to samghaunga phle se fix tha kya ki hai ye sali kuch nhi na koi task kuch bhi nhi manveer jitega pakk



    • It’s 100%true
      Bani is the only realistic and the rest viz.manveer especially is a clever men .His sole target was to eliminate Bani . He is a back biter.
      Bani is most deserving
      We will love to see bani holding the trophy and cash prize.

  26. Manveer and manu political person thay dont deserve to win this show

    Bani win


  28. Bani shud win coz she never used anyone unlike Lopa and manu and manveer. People say manveer shud win till week 11 manveer was overshadowed by manu he always got saved coz of manu and as soon as he got a chance to have captain post he was not nominated if it was not manu manveer wud never reach finale. Manveer deserves first runner up but Bani deserves to win.
    Bani#only real one#

  29. Bani and Gaurav only deserve to win of bb 10.
    Hence my vote for bani j…

  30. Manveer gurjar

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