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Will Baahubali 2 Total Box Office Collection Can Cross ₹ 800 Crs?

As we all know first part of Baahubali which released in 2015 has created a history on box office collection in int he Indian Bollywood as well as in Tollywood cinema by the total business of  650 crs INR worldwide. Bahubali was not only very much successful on box office but also became one of the world class movie all over the world.

Most of the south Indian film did not reaches to north Indian audience or the Hindi audience but baahubali was the film which was released in 3 language Tamil, Telugu and Hindi and covered the whole nation. After the huge success of baahubali part 1 film, people from all the India now every excited to watch the 2nd part of the movie Baahubali – The Conclusion.

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Baahubali 2 Total Box Office Collection Prediction

The box office prediction of any movie is based on movie’s hype and buzz among the people before the release of a movie and here in case of baahubali 2, the craze, hype and the buzz among the people are so high that the Telugu language trailer of baahubali 2 has crossed 36 millions views in just 13 days on YouTube where Hindi language trailer has crossed 38 millions both the figures are just out standing. Its is reported and conformed that Baahubali 2 already earned & did a business of ₹ 500 Cr INR through there theatrical rights worldwide. Figures of baahuali 2 theatrical rights income are as follow: ₹ 130 Crs from Telugu version, ₹ 120 Crs from Hindi Version, ₹ 47 Crs from Tamil Nadu, ₹ 45 Crs from Karnataka, ₹ 10 Crs from Kerala and ₹ 150 Crs From Rest of the World. Baahubali 2 is the first movie whose theatrical rights collections are so high in the history of cinema.

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Now we have to see what will be the total box office collection of bahubali 2 movie. If we see the total Hindi version collection baahubali 1 which was more then ₹ 100 Crs, bahubali 2 can end up near up-to ₹ 150-200 Crs INR depend on the review of movie baahubali 2. Telugu version will be too crossing easily ₹ 100-150 Crs and ₹ 75-75 Crs each in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. So, the total baahubali 2 box office collection will be near to ₹ 500 Crs INR in India and ₹ 300 Crs INR from rest of the world. So the total Bahubali 2 collections worldwide will be near to ₹ 800 Crs INR. Baahubali 2 is going to keep box office collection benchmark for all the Indian movies in India for sure.

bahubali 2

bahubali 2 box office collection

Baahubali 2 1st, 2nd & 3rd Day Box Office Collection Predictions

It is easy to predict the 1st 3 days box office collection of any movie by seeing there craze and buzz among the people before the release date. So the buzz of the movie baahubali 2 is so high that there starting 3 days are gonna be houseful in most of the states in India with 100 % occupancy rate. According to our box office prediction of movie baahubali 2, the 1st 3 days total collection will be very near to ₹ 200 Crs INR. Baahubali 1 managed to do a business of 153 Crs in his 1st 3 days then baahubali 2 can easily touch the 200 Crs club in starting 3 days.

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We hope Baahubali 2 make our predictions wrong and do a business of ₹ 1000 Crs INR worldwide and set an example for every movie industry that hard work always pays off. Good luck to all the fans and team of baahubali 2 Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, SS Rajamouli for giving us an epic and world class entertainment.


  1. Cant wait to see baahubali 2 making again a big box office collection records

  2. Bahubali 2 is the best movie in India cinema

  3. Upendrakumar Patnaik

    Its rajamouli baahubali

  4. Bahubali 2 will be the best movie of 2017

  5. its prabhas new indian super star

  6. Prosen Jeet Aali

    i think bahubali 2 box office collections wont be doing as great as baahubali 1 becos of ipl

  7. Bahubali 2 will creates records

  8. baahubali 2 is going to be flop… bahubali 1 like it

  9. 577cr Ww gross 422cr nett Bahubali part 2 will cross 600cr nett which means double of pk

  10. upto 800 crore for sure

  11. i wish bahubali 2 cross 1000 crs worldwide

  12. Bahubali is definitely going to cross 1000 crores worldwide. It will cross 500 crores in India for sure and that too in a week time.

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  14. Bahubali 2 movie across 800 crore in india because its fabulous movie in prabhash.

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