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Bigg Boss 11 Winner | BB 11 Winner | Winner of Bigg Boss Season 11 House

(Inside News) Winner of Bigg Boss Season 11 Name Revealed (Updated on 10 Jan)

The whole country wants to know who is the winner of bigg boss season 11 and we all just cant wait for the result name of bigg boss 11 winner. We all want our favorite contestant to wins the title of bigg boss 11 whether it a Shilpa Shinde or Hina Khan or Vikas Gupta. From the latest bigg boss 11 news of finale day from our insider source, Puneesh Sharma has just walked away from the finale race by taking Rs 10 Lakhs and became the 3rd runner of biggboss 11. Now, the winner of big boss 11 is between Vikas, Shilpa and Hina and yes we know the confirmed result by seeing the number of votes the bigg boss 11 contestants got from whole India. Our insider source who is in editing team of bigg boss has conformed that Akash Dadlani got the lowest votes after Vikas Gupta got only 6% (8,47,112) of total votes where Vikas Gupta got 26% (38,57,653) and the remaining 68% votes of bigg boss 11 winner which is 1 crore 15 lakhs votes are gone in between Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan.



So who got the maximum numbers of vote and who became the bigg boss 11 winner of 2018 season? To know the result of bigg boss season 11 whether Hina Khan won the bigg boss 11 title or Shilpa Shinde won the Bigg Boss Season 11 and from how many votes did they won the bb 11 season. Check Below.

Who Won BB Season 11? | Winner of Bigg Boss 11

Being locked inside the bigg boss 11 house also known as bb11 for more than 104 days with 17 contestants, in which 4 were in padosi house who are also known as India wale and 9 are celebrities, the time has come when we the Indians can declared Bigg Boss season 11 winner 2018.  Big boss 11 is most entertaining reality show as it has the super star, the handsome hunk Salman Khan as the host.

According to our source, we don’t have to predict anymore the bigg boss 11 winner as Shilpa Shinde has won the BB 11 title who is well known as “Bhabhi Ji” has won the Bigg Boss season 11 2018. Also we had taken the survey in many cities where 60-75 % people are supporting Shilpa and 55-65% people were supporting Hina will be coming as runner up of bigg boss 11. According to us Shilpa will be winning the Bigg boss 11 but still we can’t say yet has its not officially announced yet. Anything thing can be happen in this last 2 days. The makers of Bigg boss 11 may change the winner to Hina Khan to make a twist in this season and as it was pre-decided before the start of bigg boss 11. We will be confirming the bigg boss 11 winner news 1 day before the finale day means on Friday. For now, it a good news for the supporters of Shilpa Sinde that Shilpa will be wining Bigg boss season 11. Let’s see below about price money which will be getting for bigg boss 11 winner.

Bigg Boss 11 Season Winner Prediction | BB 11 Winner Name

Bigg Boss 11 Winner PredictionWinning %
Shilpa Shinde80-90 %
Hina Khan75-85 %
Vikas Gupta50-60 %
Akash Dadlani20-25 %

Winner of bigg boss season 11 will be announced by Dabangg Sultan star Salman Khan on this Sunday on Colors Channel. The bigg boss winner season 11 2018 will take home the winning trophy and prize money of Rs 40 lacs + 14 Lakhs for 14 weeks= 54 Lakhs. Also if you are looking for bigg boss season 11 winner prediction then have a look below. According to the sources, the big boss season 11 winner name will be declared after the online voting’s. As we know that only a few days are reaming to declare the bigg boss 11 finalist name on the grand announcement of winner name of bigg boss 11 on BB11 finale.

Bigg Boss All Season Winner List | Winner of BB 11

Here we are updating the Bigg Boss all season winner list

bigg boss all season winner name listlist of bigg boss all season winner name
Winner of bigg boss season 1Rahul Roy
Winner of bigg boss season 2Ashutosh Kaushik
Winner of bigg boss season 3Vindu Dara Singh
Winner of bigg boss season 4Shweta Tiwari
Winner of bigg boss season 5Juhi Parmar
Winner of bigg boss season 6Urvashi Dholakia
Winner of bigg boss season 7Gauhar Khan
Winner of bigg boss season 8Gautam Gulati
Winner of bigg boss season 9Prince Narula
Winner of bigg boss season 10Manveer Gurjar
Winner of bigg boss season 11Shilpa Shinde

At last we are predicting that bb11 winner name and according to the survey we have reached to the final decision that Shilpa Shinde will win bigg boss 11, but on other handsVikas Gupta is also came forward as the strongest competitor. So it would be extremely exciting to watch the last episode of bb season 11 to know who has won the bb11 season.

Winner of Bigg Boss 11 Finalist and Runner Up Name

Bigg Boss 11 is a 3 month long reality show which is considered as the best small screen show is coming up to an end and bigg boss 11 finale date is 14th of January, 2018 which is this coming Sunday night. Bigg boss season 11 finale is going to be a grand event as only few days are reaming for bigg boss 11 grand finale winner to be announced. The entire India including the world wants know that who will emerge as bigg boss season 11 final winner name. Bigg boss 11 conformed final contestants are Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta, Akash Dadlani and Puneesh Sharma and it would be exciting to watch who will win big boss season 11 2018. Let us know who you people think would be the expected winner of Bigg Boss 11. It is reported that bigg boss 11 winner leaked and it is predicted that Shilpa Shinde is going to win the show and bigg boss 11 second (2nd) winner / runner up will be Hina Khan.


  1. no doubt shilpa is the big boss 11 winner

  2. Hina will winner bb 11

  3. Hina…you are already a winner …you stole many hearts………………….

  4. Shilpa S ❤❤❤🤘🤘🤘✌✌✌

  5. InshaAllah Hina will be winner of bb11

  6. Hina is the real contestant in bigg boss 11 . Only she deserves to win it


  8. vikas and shilpa only deserve to win of bb 11.
    Hence my vote for shilpa…

  9. We will love to see shilpa holding the trophy and cash prize.

  10. shilpa shinde

  11. vikas gupta is the only person who deserve to be a winner she does not win but she is a true winner for me and many people

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