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Bahubali 2 31 Days Total Box Office Collection | Bahubali 2 Worldwide Income Business

Bahubali 2 is a 2nd part of Telugu movie series of Baahubali whose 4th week has ended has entered to his 5th week with the collection of 496 Crs in Hindi Version and became the 1st movie to do a grand total ₹ 1618 Crs worldwide collection. From india as well as from North America, Canada Gulf Countries and Australia bahubali 2 got the biggest response. From just North America, Movie Bahubali 2 (Baahubali 2) box office collection till his 31st day business is over ₹ $ 0.19 Million which is almost about ₹ 1.06 INR Crore. Total Worldwide 31 day box office collection of telugu movie bahubali 2: The Conclusion is even more than Bollywood highest grossing movie of Aamir Khan’s “PK” and Dangal and the Salman Khan’s “Sultan” and “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” Till 31st day even on Hindi Version. Bahubali 2 has made a record of ₹ 1500 Cr in 19 days worldwide and 500 crs in 31 days hindi version. The worldwide business of bahubali 2 is going outstanding still on his 5th week too and helping the movie to increase his total lifetime box office (Domestic+ Overseas) collection to the non breakable height of ₹ 1700 Crs Business Film. In just 31 days, bahubali 2 worldwide gross collections has crossed ₹ 1620 Crs INR.

bahubali 2 1000 crs box office

bahubali 2 1500 crs box office

Bahubali 2 31 Day Box Office Collection | 28th May Collection of Baahubali 2

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion is a 1st telugu movie is released in 4k HD. Baahubali movie is made in 2 parts Baahubali The Beginning and Baahubali The Conclusion and the whole budget of the movie is ₹ 275 crores, the second part of the movie is released on 28th of april 2017 and had a record breaking opening at the box office collection with around Gross ₹ 1650 Crs globally in just 1 month. Over 12000 screen the movie is released all over the world. The 5th Sunday Collection of Bahubali 2 in india is ₹ 3.56 Crs which is still superb. Movie got 5 star reviews and the craze of the movie is still the same which was at movie release time.

According to our box office collection report, bahubali 2 31 day total box office collection or total 31 day business of baahubali 2 will be close to ₹ 1620 Crs INR worldwide. The big amount of bahubali 2 box office collection is contributed in Hindi version collections which is ₹ 500 Crs.

Baahubali 2 Total Collection Till 31 Days, Worldwide Business, Income

As the movie review came the perfect as expected and the people enjoyed the movie a lot, also big reviews sites like Indiatimes, Indianexpress and IMBD also have a given a excellent ratings of around 9/10. Also by seeing the reviews of movie from the public and the critics, we can easily estimate that movie will be doing business for long time on the box office collection and we are going to see a Hugh box office collection record. Baahubali 2 movie average collections till 31st day is above 45 crs which is just unbeatable for any movie and also own the tag of “India’s Best Film” till now.

Many people want to know what will be total collection of bahubali 2? So this is the answer in simple words. Movie is extraordinary, very entertaining, full of action and drama, craze to watch bahubali 2 has increased more, epic action fights picturisation. baahubali 1 ruled the cinemas for almost 30 days and now bahubali 2 has been entered in 2nd month of his box office and we can expect that in movie can do a business of ₹ 1700 Crores Lifetime. Also the 5th week of bahubali 2 is becoming bountiful and big profitable.

Bahubali 2 Total Worldwide Collection: ₹ 1510 Cr INR (Net Collection) / ₹ 1640 Cr INR (Gross Collection) [Became the  First Indian Movie to Cross ₹ 1600 Crs in Indian Cinema]

Baahubali 2 Movie 31st Day Collection, day 27 Income, 5th Sunday Earnings: ₹ 3.68 Cr INR (Net Collection) / ₹ 4.26 Cr INR (Gross Collection)

Bahubali 2 box office collection/ Baahubali 2 total box office collection in india: ₹ 1200 Cr INR (Net collection) /  1400 Cr INR (Gross Collection) [Bahubali 2 Movie Collection Till Now / Baahubali 2 Collection Till Date]

Net collection is the amount comes after deduction of tax (flat tax @30+3 % ) from Gross collection.

So stay tune with us and be update to date on baahubali 2 total worldwide box office collection business. Hope you like our post on Bahubali 2 31 Days Total Box Office Collection | Bahubali 2 Worldwide Income Business. Thanks for visiting this site, share this post with your friends. We are proud of this epic movie bahubali which is made in south India. Hats Off to the S.S. Rajamouli director of movie bahubali and the great actor Prabhas. Thank You plz do comment.


  1. Indias most best Hollywood range movie super, darling (prabhas) I Love you

    • Name a Bollywood movie that can match upto this level…… I will wait…

      • Can anyone give breakdown on how much the hindi dubbed version has earned. We should compare hindi dubbed version to Bollywood coz bollywood movies don’t get dubbed in south indian languages hence loose a laden of wealth there.

        • Baahubali 2 Hindi Version Collection Report.

          Baahubali 2 Hindi Version Day 1 Collection- 41.00 Crs (2nd highest in bollywood after HNY 44.97 Crs)
          Baahubali 2 Hindi Version Day 2 Collection- 40.50 Crs
          Baahubali 2 Hindi Version Day 3 Collection- 46.50 Crs (total 128 crs) )Sultan 3 days collection-105.53 crs & Dangal- 105.01 Crs.)
          Baahubali 2 Hindi Version Day 4 Collection- +30 Crs Expected.

      • 600crs. it’s

      • robot2 earn like bahubali2

  2. rajamouli is 8th wonder

  3. i dont know why people love this movie so much…pick any hollywood movie has far better visual effects then bahubali

    • Hi girish,

      I agree with you.. but till now no INDIAN director had taken this risk and concept… First try to respect our HOME COUNTRY talent. As we like ourFamily memebers first even any clashes we had among in our family. Similarly they tried their best and toiled for 5 years.. But You are just declaring it as poor visual effects……
      I am not Rajamouli fan… But I support good movies like Khans movies, Rajinikanth movies etc. Hope i have not given wrong reply to u.

    • because this movie having a epic story… and best graphics as compare to bollywood… Indian cinemas Best Movie till now.. No one can beat this movie… already watched 5 times… love you prabhas and all starcast super work…

    • It is indian movie thats y

    • Because it is made in India, you asshole.

    • R u from outside India…Lol….

    • PrasadM Channel

      You are comparing Bahubali with Hollywood Movie means its the best part of Bahubali.. Just go through the budget of Hollywood Movies and this bahubali Movie.. You will come to know the truth

      This is Tollywood film and spent 280 cr as a budget.. And the Hollywood Movies will spend min 800 cr for a film easily… For ex : avathar film budget 237 Million USD which means close to 1500 cr INR.. So think before about what you are talking

    • Lol. Keep dreaming.

    • My frnd Y u comparing with Hollywood? This is the first Indian movie which reached this mile stone we should appreciate. Atleast we tried to show the power of Indian films. And one more thing in overseas they watch and enjoys our drama movies well even our dubbed series (serials ). Ask if any one of ur friends staying at abroad.

    • Did you know 500 people are involved in VFX used in the movies.!!! Same team that worked in big budget Hollywood movie


    • Baby Girish,

      people like you are to small to jugged this kind of movie… for you there are so many cartoon movie available in market …. don’t use your brain ….. watch POGO & be happy baby

    • First let us give the indian film makers and producers the hope that they can invest any amount for movie by supporting these movies. Give your valuable comments fot betterment. Then they will give the world best movies even better than hollywood. Dont always keep comparing.

    • Why don’t you born in outside India. You have no right to live in India. Quit India

    • If cont digest this movie just leave India

    • Ghar baith k bakchodi krne me bahot maza ataa h,ek innovative idea ni ata hoga tere dimak me aur yha aakr bc kr rhaa

    • Yeah in fast and furious vin diesel jumps here and every were even off the mountains his car gets blast but he didn’t get a single scratch

      Have seen lot of Hollywood movie’s all were crap only, its just foe entertainment so just enjoy dont compare

      Also see budget of Hollywood and our movies first then say something

    • Arey chuthiye
      There is a lot of difference between
      Tollywood n hollywood

  4. super duper movi. 2nd part is the best of best

  5. Salman Khan ki Tublight baahubali ka record todegi pakka

  6. Bahubali ka tharp koyi move nayi athaye jendigime

  7. what a extraodinary fillm this is n i m a great fan of Bahubali

  8. krishna anerao

    best blockbuster ever…
    love u prabhas n anushka…

  9. Very good movie. . Visually excellent to watch. . Rajamauli sir.. proved once again he can do wonders with ordinary story like bahubali. .

  10. Salman kya s a s mil ke banaye to bhi record is sall nahi tutega

  11. Rajmouli is creation very nice..bahubali 2,robo2 K alawa es Sal me aaisa movie aisa dhamakha nai krega…

  12. my favorite movie bahubali

  13. i hope this Roar goes on for another week and reach the magic figure of 1000 Cr.

    Captain Sri Sri Raja Mouli ji .. ..You announced your era with this.. spellbound narration . great captaincy

  14. Super hit bobal

  15. Bahubali 2 is India’s most popular movie. I love u pravash

  16. mrutyunjay Behera

    Bahubali 2 is India’s most popular movie. I love u pravash

  17. mrutyunjay behera


  18. hamare kis actors kisi didesi film se kam nehi

  19. wonderful movie made with a lot conviction ,hardwork, dedication , please do not compare it to hollywood . we have already 2 oscars through AR Rahman and SS Rajamouli will get us for direction

  20. Great movie

  21. bhaubali is best movie in indian movie record

  22. Surendra Chaurasia

    Bahubali movie is lonely movie of the best movies of Bollywood.l am so happy.

  23. Dibya Lochan pattanaik

    Really admin this is a extra ordinary film and of the most important think i just listen that superb Actor Pravas is donated indian government 100 above coreds to those Soldiers who died in war. Really salutes to u Mr Pravash sir. We r really proud of you.

  24. Bollywood can’t reach this goal. Because they don’t have guts to making Indian Cultural films.

  25. bahubali 2 is a best movie seen in my ife. i am waiting for bahubali 3… 😍😍

  26. SS, you should start thinking of bahubali-3 to keep this epic alive.
    Dear Prabhas,
    you should be very choosy to select the scripts as Bahubali has placed you above all thresholds and there would be a lot of expectations from you.

  27. Bahubali 2 …..I think Rajamoulli should get 1 more national award…..salman khan Buddha to ho gaya hai….per bechare ne acting karna late start kiya….

  28. Best Indian movie ever in reality why it is so liked by people because it has depicted real Indian culture many other movies try to pollute it movie bahubali is really bahubali in rel sense that’s why even god has blessed this movie

  29. PRABHAS play good role in both bahubali 1,2 in direction S.S RAJAMOULI.”PRABHAS ROCK ON BOLLYWOOD.

  30. Bahubali2 is income bali 1000cro

  31. I have bahubali on first day, I enjoyed a lot, no Audi an closed eye from beginning to end. Great Indian. Move hats off to entire team.

  32. I am proud to be prabhash fan

  33. South Indian movies are thoroughly entertaining including Tamil , Telugu . I have been watching these movies by reading the sub titles only. Now this Bahubaali has set a benchmark for all the Bollywood movies which are being produced just to earn money. Bahubaali has made it clear that earning money shouldn’t be the only factor to make a movie. Being from the North East I love the breadth and width of my country , n I have nothing against Bollywood but yes Bollywood shouldn’t be making so many movies in a year

  34. Osam movie

  35. Bhaubali lol


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