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[₹ 170Cr] Dangal 3rd Day Total Worldwide Box Office Collection

Third / 3rd Day Box Office Collection of Dangal (Overseas and Domestic Collection of Dangal Day 3): By movie Dangal, Aamir Khan once again proved that his movies are not just a normal movie which just has entertainment but also the goosebumps feelings which very rare movies gives us. Hats off to the makers of Dangal as well as Aamir khan to us such a beautiful movie. There is no comparison with dangal on box office. In just 2 days, Dangal did a business of 64.60 Crs which is a total collection of many bollywood movies. Dangal movie is not a movie which will stop earning in 1 or 2 weeks, this is a movie which will be running for at least 1 month  on box office. Now we can only compare dangal with Sultan and PK which are the top grossing movies of bollywood. Till now Dangal vs Sultan after day 3, Sultan is little bit ahead till 3 days collection but this difference will very close by the end of 1st week even dangal may overtake sultan box office collection. Third day collection of dangal or dangal sunday income/earning is 35.84 Crs which make dangal to enter in 100 crs club. The total 3 days overseas collection of dangal is 67.63 Crs and by this dangal total worldwide 3 days collection/business has crossed 170 Crs which is just nail biting figures for many makers of bollywood movies. 

Dangal 2nd/Second Day Collection: After a end of tremendous day 1 by movie dangal on box office collection with a business and income of 28.90 Cr, Dangal has started his 2nd day box office collection more stronger then 1st day collection as saturday is a holiday of christmas and it is expected that today’s collection (saturday collection) of movie dangal will be [₹ 34.82 cr] domestic busienss earning of dangal. Dangle movie is 9 out of 10 star movie and we can easily expect the total box office collection of dangal near or more then 300 to 400 Crs.

dangal 2nd day collection

dangal 2nd day collection

dangal 2nd day overseas collection report

dangal 2nd day overseas collection report

Dangal Day 1 Collections, Income, Earning and Business: Dangal first day box office collection is out of overseas which is 12.66 Crs. This figure show us not only in india but also all over the world Aamir Khan has huge fan following and love to watch his films. Dangal overseas opening day collection is more then many bollywood movies of first day collection. Dangle domestic collection means dangal box office collection first day from india till 6 pm is 24.25 Crs and there is still 9500 shows which collections will be added to dangal 1st day total collection. All the night shows of dangal first day all fully packed (houseful). Big 1st day business of dangle is on the way to hit the records of bollywood business of cinema.

Dangal First Day Box Office Collection (India)- 28.90 Cr INR

dangal box office

dangal box office

Dangal First Day/ Day 1 Collection: The box office collection of the most awaited movie dangal of a star non other then Aamir Khan who is famous for his perfectionist in the movie and for making a new box office collection records has been started now. Movie Dangal has been released in USA and Canada country on Wednesday and the movies box office collections report are very impressive as we all were expecting. Dangal 1st day collection in USA and Canada is came out and did a business of [₹ 2.22 cr] which is around $ 282,281 in USA and $42,815 from Canada. Dangal movie got a very impressive opening day collection from overseas and is all ready for the bumper opening day collection in India tomorrow on friday income report of dangle. So the total day 1 collection of movie dangal from overseas is 2.22 Crs and rest of the world’s collection of dangal is still coming to be added on this figure.



Dangal/Dangle First Day Collection | Friday/Opening Day Collection

Dangal movie is all set to hit theaters on friday all over the india and the numbers of screens dangal movie got is more then 4500 (india) and 1000 (overseas) means almost 5500 number of screens dangal movie got for his release for dangal’s first day collection. Aamir Khan we all know him he is the actor who make a new box office collections record in whole bollywood and tomorrow movie Dangal is going to release and everyone will be waiting to see how much dangal first day collection will be.

According to the biz analyst and box office experts of bollywood, Dangal will be the best movie of 2016 and the first day collection of dangal will be massive may break the 1st day collection of movie “Sultan” by doing a day 1 business more then ₹ 36.55 Crs. Yes this is a true report of dangal 1st day earning by seeing the advance report of movie dangal from cities of Mumbai, PUNE, Delhi- NCR, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad. All the big cities cinemas are almost houseful on friday and Aamir Khan’s Dangle is again all ready to make a new box office collection record in the bollywood industry.

So here is the final words for dangal 1st day box office collection, Dangal friday/opening day income or dangal day 1 earnings will be near to ₹ 36.55 Cr. For more updates on dangal box office collections, Keep eye on us and get all the latest news regarding dangal movie’s collection income and business. (P.S- Dangal total worldwide box office collection may cross ₹ 792 Cr and break the the collection of movie “PK”.)


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